Translation management center - Step 1 - Create jobs

            The first thing you can do in Translation management center is to create empty jobs for a selected project in a batch operation. To do this, confirm that a project is selected, provide deadline, fuzzy scheme, responsible person (optionally), and select target languages. The system will create jobs according selected languages. By default, all project languages are selected in this field, But if you wish to create fewer jobs, just remove necessary languages from selection.

            When you're ready, click Create jobs button on the toolbar. The system will generate empty jobs (with necessary data pre-filled based on the project's data) and add them to the jobs table. From now, you can apply batch changes and further process listed jobs.

            If some jobs were already created, you can add them to this list instead of creating. Click Add existing job on the toolbar to add any existing job from a selected project. It will also be available for further processing, equally to created jobs.

            If you wish to exclude a job from processing on next steps, select one or multiple jobs in the list and click Remove jobs.

            After creating all tasks and assignments, you can move back to this page to view some totals. Amount, Assigned amount and Margin columns will show you average results for a project.

            When list of jobs is filled, you can move to the step 2 - Volumes and CAT tools.
            Updated: 17 Jul 2018 01:11 PM
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