Working with lists - Summaries

            While working with tables, you may wish to get some summary for a particular column. BaccS allows to get the following types of summaries: sum, average, count, max and min. You may add multiple summaries for a single column. Also, you can create summaries for groups in tables.

            Adding a summary to a column

            Summary panel is displayed at the bottom of each table. If this panel is hidden, you can display it by right clicking on a table header and selecting Show summary panel option:

            In the same manner, you can hide summary panel when it is not needed.

            To add a summary to any column, right click on a summary panel below that column and select desired function:

            To add another summary, right click on a summary panel, select Add new summary, and select desired summary type:

            Adding a summary to a group

            In addition to total summaries, you may create summaries by groups. To get additional information about grouping rows, please check corresponding article.
            When a table is in grouped state, right click on a corresponding column in the group panel and select Group summary editor:

            On the Items tab of the group summary editor, select necessary columns and summary functions for them. You may create as many summaries in this window as needed:

            Switch to the Order tab and set desired order of summaries:

            Special summaries

            Few lists, like jobs list and invoices list, contain special summaries (not customizable). These summaries are located below a table and allow to view totals by currently selected rows. Select necessary rows (using checkboxes or Shift and Ctrl keys), and summary value will be immediately refreshed:

            This summary shows not only total amount of selected jobs, but total amount in a base currency and in all currencies of the selected jobs. The same summaries you can find for invoices, payments, translation assignments.
            Updated: 05 Apr 2018 01:39 PM
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