Working with lists - opening reference data editing form

            Edit form for entering data contain different types of editors. Some editors allows to enter string, date or numeric values, but some fields allow to select data from underlying related tables using combo-boxes. Such data is called reference data. Examples of reference data: customers, currencies, contractors, units, languages, etc.

            Sometimes you may wish to open editing form of such referenced entry (for example, open customer editing form from job list, or open translation job from invoice). To do this click on a cell in a list with reference data, and find Open... button on the ribbon. Three points will be replaced by reference data type name. For example:

            On this screenshot, customer cell was clicked, and button caption turned into Open Customer. Click this button and editing form for the Euro-Soft customer will be opened.

            You may achieve the same result by holding Ctrl-Shift keys and clicking inside a customer cell.

            This function allows to navigate between data much faster.
            Updated: 05 May 2018 12:48 AM
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