Working with lists - column chooser

            All tables in BaccS support a function of hiding and displaying columns. Many columns in different tables may be hidden by default. For example, translation job list has a lot of hidden columns, which you may display if needed. To work with hidden columns, do the following:

            1. Right click on any column name and select Column chooser.

            Column chooser will be shown in the right bottom corner:

            2. Drag any column from the Column chooser to the table, or vice versa.

            3. To hide any column, it is not necessary to open Column chooser. Instead, you can simply drag column name and drop it somewhere below. It will be automatically hidden:

            4. Column chooser had Add... button, which allows to add custom column to a table. For example, in the translation job list we can add additional information about customer (country on the screenshot below):

            It is not necessary to open Column chooser to hide unwanted columns. Simply drag any column and drop it below table header. That column will become hidden.

            Updated: 20 Mar 2018 02:48 PM
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