WIWO (What I'm working on now)

            BaccS allows you to post new entries to the WIWO (What I'm working on now) service and view previous entries (created by you, by other BaccS users or by all users).
            To use this feature, open section in the navigation tree and select WIWO history:

            Main elements:
            1. Buttons to switch currently displayed page.
            2. Filters which allows to display only user's entries, only entries created in BaccS, and all WIWO entries created by all users.
            3. Currently selected page is displayed in the tab header in brackets.

            There are few ways to create new WIWO entry:
            1. Use Write WIWO button, which is always available, regardless of the currently viewed form.
            2. Click New button on the WIWO screen.
            3. Mark Create WIWO checkbox in the job editing window. When that job is saved, you will see Write WIWO dialog box.

            Regardless a way you use, WIWO creation window looks as following:

            Lists of languages and disciplines are loaded from server. Image control on the left allows you to attach an image to a created entry (just double click on it to open image selection dialog box).

            To save an entry, click Save or Save and close button, and a new entry will be created in your profile. If any image is loaded, it will be uploaded to the server.

            As in other list form, you then may edit or delete created WIWO.

            WIWO entries created by other users are unavailable for editing or deletion.

            Updated: 20 Mar 2018 03:01 PM
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