Vendor self-registration

            BaccS allows vendors to self-register from the Logon page:

            Main prerequisites for this function to work:
            1. in the system Settings - Application settings page, an Allow self-registration for vendors checkbox must be checked.
            2. In the system Settings - Main data and contact details page, a Web-app URL field must be filled (example:, as this address will be included in the confirmation message sent to registered user.
            3. In the Reference data - My E-mail accounts list, working e-mail account should be added and marked as default. The system will send confirmation message from this address,
            Important: please test this account by sending any message using built-in mail sender.

            When vendor clicks Register button, he/she will be redirected to the simple registration page:

            On this page, only Login, E-mail, First name and Last name should be provided. After registration, vendor will receive a message with auto-generated password, which can be changed after first logon. Also, notifications will be sent to the system administrators, informing about newly registered user. If that registration was inappropriate, administrator can disable or delete registered user.

            When vendor logins into the system, he/she will see an empty list of jobs. Initial first recommended action is to click My personal info button:

            On the vendor editing page, you can enter own contact details, upload photo, add languages, prices, payment information, CV file, etc.:

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