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            Vendor's report

            BaccS allows to speed up generation of built-in report called Contractors - List of jobs with ratings. This report may serve as an overview (for example, monthly overview) of all work performed by a vendor. Because of this, manager often wish to generate this report by the end of some period and send it to each specified contractor. To achieve this, you can open list of contractors, select necessary contractors, open context menu by right clicking in the list, select Generate vendor's reports, and then choose one of two options: And save files or And create e-mail messages

            Save files allows to generate reports for each of selected contractors and put PDF file into specified folder (or download as zip archive, if you use web-version);
            Create e-mail messages option generates reports for each of selected contractors, but instead of saving PDF files the system creates mail messages using selected message template and attaches PDF files to each message. Created messages are saved as unsent, so you can open message list, select created messages and click Send. Before sending, you can check each file and message text.
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