Translator pick-up

            While creating a translation assignment, BaccS may help with picking up the right contractor to do particular job. To use this function, switch to the Contractors pickup tab:

            Click Add candidates button to open a list of contractors who fits this job:

            Here you can see rates and supported languages, as well as average rating of previous translations. By default, this list is filtered by language pair selected in the assignment (which is determined by a base job). You can see this by descriptive filter string below the list (see a red arrow on the screenshot above). On the right of this list you can find live filters, which allows you to quickly filter the list of contractors to narrow your search. Select desired contractors and click OK button. Selected contractors will be added to the Candidates list with Possible candidate status.

            You can specify estimated amount offered to each candidate. To speed-up this process, you can click Calculate estimated amount button above the table. The system will attempt to calculate assignment amount for each selected candidate based on their price-lists. Then, you can manually adjust calculated amounts, if needed. These amounts can be used in the job offer messages sent to candidates. See Variables section of the Mail sender documentation article.

            You can send an e-mail to the selected contractors. To select them, use Ctrl and Shift buttons (or simply press Ctrl-A to select all rows). When necessary contractors are selected, click Send availability request button on the toolbar. If assignment, base job or base project has attached files, the system will show a window with an option to attach selected files to a new message:
            Sending files to faciliate translation management processes

            Select desired files or click Cancel if you don't want to send any files. Then you will see an e-mail compose window:

            You will see that recipients table is filled with details of the selected contractors. Please note that the number of message sent by the program will correspond to a number of recipients. This means it won't be a copy of a message, but separate messages. Thus, recipients won't see another recipients.

            Just type a message or select prepared template and click Send. After some time you will see a message with the status of operation.

            When a candidate should be assigned to an assignment, select in the Pickup list and click Assign contractor button above the table. Selected contractor will be selected for an assignment, the system will detect default prices of the selected vendor, and change status in the Pickup list to Assigned.

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