Translation management center - Step 4 - View assignments and pickup contractors

            This step is very similar to step 2 - volumes and CAT tools, in terms that you can batch edit tasks from created or manually added assignments. But approach is a bit different. To view assignment's tasks, select it, and its tasks will be displayed in the Assignment tasks table. If you need to edit information which is not visible on this screen, double click on an assignment to edit its main editing form.

            In addition to editing assignments created on the previous step, you can manually add existing assignments. To to this, click Add existing assignments button. To remove an assignment from further processing select it and click Remove assignments button.

            For those assignments where contractor is not selected, fill-in Candidates table. To do this, select all such assignments one by one, and click Add candidate(s) button on the toolbar. Select contractors you wish to invite and click OK. They will be added to the Candidates table. Estimated amount will be calculated automatically, but you can edit it or re-calculate by clicking the calculator icon.

            For assignments with selected contractors you can generate Purchase orders. To do this, select those assignments and click Generate POs. The system will generate purchase orders in pdf format using a specified template and attach generated files to assignments. Also, you will be asked to save generated files on hard drive. Click Yes, if you need it, and select a folder to save pdf files to.

            On this screen you can also generate e-mail messages. Select assignments and click Create a message to contractors button. Select desired message type depending on current task:

            If you have selected assignments with specified contractors, select Assignment messages to selected contractors or Single group assignment message. If you're going to send availability messages, select Check availability messages item.

            Then you will see popup form to select message template. Select one and click OK. For group messages, it is obligatory that selected template contain {AdditionalText} variable. This variable will be replaced by a table with a list of tasks, languages and assigned contractors.

            In the file selection dialog, which appears next, select type of files and(or) files which you wish to attach to created messages:

            The upper table specifies types of automatically attached files. The bottom one allows to explicitly specify files. Remove files from this table if you don't wish to attach them.

            At the end, messages will be generated, and you can move to the next step to preview, edit and send them. See next article - sending e-mail messages.
            Updated: 17 Jul 2018 01:08 PM
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