Translation management center - Overview

            Translation management center allows to manage translation in a new productive way

            Translation management center is one of the recent functions in BaccS which provides flexible mechanism for managing your projects in a central place. The Center can be opened from different views, and its behavior depends from where it was opened. 
            Here is a list of features provided by Translation management center:
            • jobs batch creation per languages selected in a project;
            • editing all tasks from selected jobs on one screen;
            • batch adding of similar tasks to selected jobs (example: add 3 hours of proofreading to 10 jobs);
            • creating a project in SDL Trados Studio, SDL GroupShare and Memsource for selected languages;
            • batch importing analysis results to all jobs from CAT tools, according job's language;
            • planning translation assignments for selected jobs based on selected workflow, using planning matrix or Gantt chart;
            • batch selection of contractors for planned assignments;
            • batch creation of translation assignments according planning information;
            • batch picking-up contractors for assignments when actual contractor isn't known;
            • batch sending confirmation messages to assigned contractors (individual messages or one group message);
            • batch sending of availability requests according all non-confirmed assignments.

            Although Translation management center is presented as a wizard, which consists of several steps, you can optionally use any of mentioned functions, and it is not obligatory to follow all steps. For example, if you only wish to batch create assignments for selected jobs, you can select necessary jobs in the job list, open Translation management center, and immediately switch to Assignments steps. Or, you use the Center to only edit tasks of selected jobs on one screen, as it is more convenient comparing to opening a lot of jobs one by one. Underlining, you're fully free to choose a way you work with Translation management center, as it can be used to perform any of tasks listed above.

            To open Translation management center, use one of the following ways:
            1. Open list of projects, select any project, and click Translation management center.
            2. Open list of jobs, select any number of jobs, and click Translation management center. If selected jobs belong to different projects, step 1 of the Center (Create jobs) will be disabled.
            3. Open list of translation assignments, select any number of assignments, and click Translation management center. Steps 1-3 will be disabled, and you will be able to only use step 4 (batch editing of assignment tasks and batch pickup of contractors) and step 5 (batch generation and sending e-mail messages).

            Next five articles of this section describe each step of the Center in detail. You can move to the next article describing first step - Create jobs.
            Updated: 13 Jul 2018 01:24 PM
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