SDL Trados Plug-in - List of projects

            When you open list of invoices or quotes, the right part of the view contains list of projects you have in Studio:

            Plugin synchronizes this lost with current project list from Studio, and includes several additional columns. Synchronization takes place each 1 hour of work. If you added/removed a project, or added/removed a file in a project, and wish to sync it manually, click Refresh/sync list button. BaccS will retrieve refreshed information and calculate Average volume column. This number represents total number of words as per default fuzzy scheme selected in the plugin settings.

            List of projects contains a number of editable columns. You can manually add PO Number (projects with missing PO number are highlighted with exclamation icon) and Specialization (selected from Specialization list). Latter allows to build charts in the dashboard showing volumes in different specializations, as well as apply different prices depending on working field.

            Time, mins column displays time tracker information - total number of minutes recorded by time tracker in each project.
            Languages column displays comma separated list of languages selected in a project.
            Invoices column displays invoice numbers created for a project. You may create partial invoices, which means that multiple invoices can be created per project.
            Quotes column displays quote numbers created for a project.

            When list of projects is displayed withing Invoices view, you can select necessary projects and click Create a new invoice. Correspondingly, Create a new quote button appears above this list when it's being viewed within Quotes view.
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