SDL GroupShare - linking and syncing projects/jobs

            Linking and unlinking projects and jobs

            If a project already exists in GroupShare and you just wish to connect a project or job with that project (to import analysis or just track progress), open a translation job or project and click SDL Trados - GroupShare - Link this job (for translation jobs) or GroupShare - Link with GroupShare project (for translation projects). You will see a list of existing projects:

            Select one and click OK.

            If you are linking a project, all jobs which belong to a current project will also be linked with selected project.

            GroupShare icon will appear showing that a project or job is linked with GroupShare. Now you can change project's phases and status, assign vendors, import analysis, and view its progress in the list of jobs.
            When you link a project with GroupShare project, all jobs which belong to a current project will also be linked with the same GroupShare project.

            When a job is linked with GroupShare project, you can track its progress in the Job list. To do this, right click in the table header, select Column chooser and drag Progress field to the table.

            To unlink a project or job linked with GroupShare project, select SDL Trados - GroupShare - Unlink this job.

            Syncing a project

            When you created a project in GroupShare, and have empty project in BaccS, you may wish to create translation jobs per each project language. To do this, open a project and click GroupShare - Sync jobs/assignments:

            The system will create a job for each language, import analysis report, calculate it's amount, and then create assignments for files with Translation phase in GroupShare. For files with Preparation phase assignments will not be created. You can do it manually using Translation Management Center feature. After you pick-up correct vendors and assign work to them (create assignments in BaccS), you can set corresponding phase in GroupShare using Change phase screen.
            Updated: 06 Aug 2018 01:50 PM
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