SDL GroupShare - Change project phase and assign vendors

            You can move GroupShare projects between phases from within BaccS. While moving files into different phases, you can define vendors responsible for a new task. This article describes how this task is performed in BaccS.

            1. Open a translation job or translation project linked with GroupShare project.
            2. For translation jobs, click SDL Trados - GroupShare - Change phase. For translation project, click GroupShare - Manage phases. A new window will be opened:

            First of all, select a new phase. When you do this, the system will check if you already created assignments for each of listed language pairs. If assignment is found (according selected phase; for example, if you select Review phase, the system  will look Proofreading assignments), corresponding contractors will be selected in the New users column.

            If you leave New users column empty, then the system won't change a phase for that language file.

            If you wish to change phase without changing a user, select language file (or files) and click Copy contractors button.

            If the system wasn't able to automatically determine assigned contractors, you can do this manually by selecting language file and clicking Select contractors. In the list of contractors, select contractors and click OK.

            Important. When you select vendor manually on this screen, then it will be necessary to manually create Translation assignment after changing a phase and closing this screen.

            When you are ready, click OK. Selected files will be moved to a new phase, and all assigned vendors will receive e-mail notifications (sent by GroupShare server).
            Updated: 06 Aug 2018 04:18 PM
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