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            Quick start video prepared by BaccS developer:

            This article is prepared by professional translator and famous blogger - Emma Goldsmith (

            When you first open BaccS, a ‘First run assistant’ provides initial set-up instructions. You can also access the assistant through the Tools tab. Basically, the more settings and reference data you enter to begin with, the better. But it’s hard to fill in this type of baseline information in any program until you get a feel for the program itself. So here are the minimum fields that must be completed before you create your first job:

            Reference data tab
            1. Languages: Double click in the first field and enter a language. Use Ctrl+Enter to confirm. Use Insert key to add new rows. (No Iso fields needed.) Close languages tab.
            2. Language directions: Double click source language field. Use dropdown to select source and target languages. Close tab.
            3. Currencies: (only if you need to add to the default currencies: USD, GBP and EUR)
            4. Taxes: Add one or more taxes with their percentages.
            5. Payment methods: Add a name (the name will appear in the invoice), currency and details. [Actually, this field can be added later.]

            Application settings tab
            1. Main data and contact details: complete only the details you need for your first invoice.
            2. Application settings: complete base currency and default language direction.
            3. Invoice settings: Select an Invoice template.
            4. Click Save Changes.

            Create first job
            1. Go to Home>Translation jobs>Add New Row
            2. Deadline: change current date to deadline date
            3. Client: click the + sign. Add name and address
            4. Client contact: click the + sign. Add name
            5. Check currency and language direction are correct

            In the job details window at bottom of the job window itself:
            1. Work type (translation, revision, DTP, etc.)
            2. Quantity (number of words, hours, etc.)
            3. Unit (source word, hour, line, etc.)
            4. Rate
            5. Click "Save changes and close"
              You'll see the job in green because its status is “processing”.

            Finish the job
            1. Return to Translation Jobs (Home tab) and double click the job row
            2. Insert the delivery date
            3. Click “Save changes and close”
              The row turns to red because the status is “sent”.

            Invoice the job
            1. Go to the Translation jobs view
            2. Select the job row (click arrow furthest left)
            3. Click Create invoice in the ribbon (check that the Action tab is showing)
            4. Term: Set the invoice due date
            5. Accepted payment methods: use default or add a new one
            6. At the bottom of the form, add any taxes or discounts
            7. Save changes
            8. Click print invoice
            9. Click Export and choose Docx file to edit the invoice in Word

            Of course, don't forget that when you've got time, you'll need to return to the Reference Data tab to complete more default values, open the newly-created client [Home>Clients] to complete more details there, and even customize an invoice when you've got all the rest under control!
            Updated: 28 Mar 2018 03:44 PM
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