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            Payment methods

            Default look of the Payment methods list:

            This list contains information about payment methods your clients can use to make payments against your invoices. When a new invoice is prepared, you can select which payment methods are applied to that invoice by selecting or deselecting necessary payment methods.

            For any payment method, you can check Is Default option. When invoice is created, or when you change currency in a created invoice, the system will automatically select all payment methods marked as default. If there are not default payment methods for a selected currency, all payment methods with that currency will be pre-selected in invoices.

            Notes field allows to enter custom notes. This field is used for personal purposes and not displayed anywhere.

            Payment method can be archived (Archived checkbox marked). Such payment methods won't be available for selection in new invoices, but will appear in older invoices, where they have been used previously.
            Updated: 11 Feb 2019 09:05 AM
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