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            Parameters allow to add interactivity to QuickReports, allowing users to specify specific values which affect on data displayed in QuickReport's. It can be time period, customer name, job status, etc.

            Creating Parameters

            To create a parameter, perform the following steps. Click the Parameters button on the Ribbon's Home tab.

            In the invoked dialog, click the Add button to add a new parameter.

            Specify the parameter's settings




            Specifies whether or not the parameter editor is visible in the Parameters dialog.

            Allow Null

            Specifies whether or a not null value can be passed as a parameter value.

            Allow Multiselect

            Specifies whether or not multi-selection is enabled for the current parameter.
            The following limitations are applied to parameters with multi-selection enabled.

            Use the is any of or is none of operators to pass a multi-select parameter to a filter criteria or to the Expression format condition.

            Use the In or Not In operators to pass a multi-select parameter to a calculated field expression.


            Specifies the parameter name.
            When creating and modifying parameter names, follow the rules below.

            A name can contain letters, numbers and underscores.
            A name cannot contain spaces.
            A name cannot be an empty string.
            The dashboard cannot contain parameters with the same name.
            Names are case-sensitive. For example, you can create the names Parameter and PARAMETER .


            Specifies the parameter's description displayed to an end-user. 
            The parameter's description is the value displayed in the Parameter Name column of the Parameters dialog.

            Look-Up Settings

            Specifies the parameter's look-up editor settings.

            Select All Values

            Specifies whether or not all parameter values should be selected in the initial state of the QuickReport Viewer.
            Note that this option is in effect when Allow Multiselect is set to true.


            Specifies the parameter type.


            Specifies the default parameter's value(s).
            Note that when Allow Multiselect is set to true, the Value option allows you to select multiple parameter values.

            Then, click OK to add the created parameters to the dashboard.

            Look-Up Editor Settings

            There are three types of look-up editor settings that can be specified for a parameter. Select the required type from the Look-Up Settings drop-down list.

            • No Look-Up - set the Value to use a static value as a parameter.

            • Static List - click the ellipsis button to add static values for the current dashboard parameter.

            • Dynamic List - allows you to use a list of values from the existing data source as a parameter. Specify the following settings.

              1. First, select the required Data Source from the list of available data sources. For example, if you wish to filter job list by PM, add a new data source linked with Contacts table.
              2. Then, specify data members for the dashboard parameter's value and display name using Value Member and Display Member, respectively.
              3. If necessary, specify the data member used to sort parameter values using the Sort By option. Sort Order specifies the required sort order.
            From now, you can use parameters to filter QuickReport's data source (Data source tab - Filter) or in calculated fields.
            When you double click on a QuickReport to generate it, you will be able to provide parameter value in the Parameters dialog (icon at the top right corner of a QuickReport):

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