Network setup

            When BaccS is used by teams, an option with local database storage becomes unsuitable. All users in your teams must have access to the same data. This means, this data must be stored in some central location, which must be available for all users. This location is called database server. This server may be located in your local network or in Internet. For now, BaccS supports two commonly used types of database servers - Microsoft SQL Server and PostreSQL. You're free to choose an option which better suits your needs.

            Free edition of MS SQL Server (SQL Server Express) has a limit of database file size, which is set on the level of 10 Gb. Since BaccS allows to store files directly in the database, this limit may be quickly reached. This will require to switch to paid version of SQL Server (SQL Server Standard).

            Other option is free and open-source database engine, PostgreSQL, which offers  not only unlimited database size, but can also be installed on servers running on Windows, Linux or Mac. Another advantage of this system is installation file size - it is just only 162 Mb, and this package includes database management utility, which can be used, for example, to backup and restore your databases. For example, to get similar GUI tool for SQL Server, you have to download additional large package (greater than 1 Gb). With default installation you only get command line tool to perform database maintenance operations.

            Form the point of simplicity, we definitely recommend to use PostgreSQL, as it provides similar performance as SQL Server, has no limits for database file size, it's free (Standard edition of SQL Server costs several thousands of US dollars), installation is much faster and a server can be installed on any operating system.

            Underlining, to setup BaccS to work in network mode, you need to select a server (physical computer to store data) and install PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL Server on it. Here you have the following options:

            1. Use own computer as a server. It must be accessible by other workstations in your network. Usually this method is the best choice for small teams working in a single office, where local network is established. This method is also the fastest one, because data in a local network usually transferred much faster comparing to Internet.

            2. Rent SQL Server Database in the cloud. For example, in Azure. Using this method, you will be able to create database on special management page, get its details and enter them in the program settings.

            3. Rent cloud virtual private server. You will get virtual PC which may be accessed via Internet. Such virtual servers have Microsoft Windows Server or Linux operating system pre-installed. You can install database engine, configure it and connect it from within BaccS from any location in the world. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 got support of Linux systems.

            4. Rent PostgreSQL or SQL Server Database on BaccS server. The same as point 2, but cheaper, and in special cases you may call BaccS team for help with database maintenance. This is the simplest and most affordable option - just place an order and get login details - as simple as installation of a local version.

            Options 1 and 3 require you to manually setup server computer and install database server on it. Options 2 and 4 allow to avoid all these actions and immediately get a server database which is ready for use. Information about rent charges is provided on the Pricing page. Also you may analyze prices in Azure or Amazon Web Services.

            In network mode, teams will be able to fully control access rights of each user. Files attached to projects, jobs and sent messages will be available to all users, since they are stored in the database. Invoice templates and other printing forms will also be available to all users, regardless of workstation where this template has been created.

            Updated: 20 Mar 2018 02:43 PM
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