Linking vendors

            To be able to assign vendors to jobs created in your Memsource account right from within BaccS, you have to link each contractor in BaccS database with a corresponding vendor in Memsource. To do this, follow these steps:

            1. Open Contractors list.
            2. In the list, select any contractor or open its editing form.
            3. Click Memsource button on the ribbon and select Link with Memsource vendor:
            Working with Memsource translators

            4. A new window will be opened containing a list of all vendors created in Memsource:
            Integration with Memsource translation management software

            By default, 50 users are displayed. Use Previous page and Next page buttons to navigate through pages. Select desired user and click OK.

            5. BaccS will download main vendor's data (name, e-mail, languages, specializations), and corresponding icon will appear in the CAT Icon column (or before First name field in the editing form):
            Integration with Memsource translation management software

            6. From now, this contractor can be used in any other integration features which require to specify a vendor.
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