Linking projects

            In Memsource, to create a job you have to create a project first. Because of this, before downloading analysis reports or creating jobs in Memsource from within BaccS, it is required to create a project and link it with Memsource project. To do this, follow these steps:

            1. Open Translation projects list.
            2. In the list, open any existing project which will be linked with Memsource, or create a new empty project.
            3. In the project editing form, click Memsource button on the ribbon and select Link with Memsource project:
            Integration with Memsource translation management software

            4. A new window will be opened containing a list of all projects created in Memsource:
            Integration with Memsource translation management software
            By default, 50 projects are displayed. Use Previous page and Next page buttons to navigate through pages. Select desired project and click OK.

            To find required project faster, you can sort rows (click on column headers), user filters in the table columns (hover mouse pointer on any column header to see filter icon) or searching functionality (right click on table header and select Show find panel).

            5. BaccS will download main project's data (date, deadline, project name, notes, languages, domains). If languages specified in a project a missing in BaccS database, those languages will be automatically created. Since languages in Memsource are represented in a form of language codes, created languages will have the following form: ru, it, en_us, etc. This language code will be written to all columns of the created language (language name, language code and Iso3 code). Go to Reference data - Languages, and rename created languages after saving your project. They will be automatically renamed in a project as well.

            When link is established, corresponding icon will appear in the CAT Icon column (and before Number field in the editing form):

            6. From now, this project can be used in any other integration features which require to specify a project (job linking, job analysis import, job creation in Memsource from within BaccS).
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