Job list

            Job list contains a lot of useful functions to facilitate translation project management workflow.

            Default colors can be changed using Conditional formatting feature.

            Let's enumerate main functions available in the list menu.

            Change status. Allows to quickly change status for the selected jobs.

            Change deadline. Select necessary jobs, type desired deadline and click a button near date field. New deadline will be applied to all selected jobs.

            Create invoice. Select uninvoiced jobs and click this button to quickly create an invoice. Invoice amount will correspond to selected jobs amount, and default tax will be applied. So, in ideal case, you can just click save and then print generated invoice.

            Create translation assignment. This command allows to quickly create assignment from selected job. You will need just to select a contractor who will perform the job.

            Add/update WIWO entry. This is a part of integration. Click this button to quickly post WIWO (What I'm working on now) entry for the selected job.

            Batch change. Opens a window, which allows to apply same value to some filed for all selected jobs. For example, you can select any number of jobs (holding Shift or Ctrl keys) and change Status, Deadline, Delivery date, Work field, Project, Language direction for all of them in a single operation. In this operation you can select which fields must be changed. In the following example we only change Status to Sent and Work filed to Letters for the selected jobs:

            Print quote. Allows to prepare a quote form for the selected job.

            View variants. Each list in BaccS may have a number of variants. For example, you may have additional view variant with less columns, or with columns needed for outsourcing, or even transform simple table to pivot (analytical) table. By default, there are few variants:

            For example, Analysis variant allows to get analytical table, allowing to get some aggregates:

            You can create own variants. This is described in the corresponding article of this manual.

            Filters. This menu contains a number of predefined filters:

            Also, there is a special Quick filters button, which not only provides another way to quickly filter list of jobs, but also displays amounts for last 12 months and top customers:

            Top part contains list of months and amounts, while lower part lists top customers with amounts. Select any item in this list to filter list of jobs by month or by customer.

            Instead of setting up filters manually, you can use predefined filters or create your own.

            The list itself is highly customizable. You can sort it by clicking on the column name, apply filters, change the order of the columns, hide and display necessary columns (right click on the column header and select Column chooser), apply conditional formatting, perform search with results highlighting, group rows and get different summaries for groups and in total.

            HIDDEN COLUMNS

            Please note that translation job list has a lot of columns which are hidden by default. Other tables throughout the program also contain hidden columns which you may display, but the job list is an absolute leader in this area. It is recommended to check this list and display those data which may seem more important personally for you. To show hidden columns, right click on the table header (on any column) and select Column chooser. Small pop-up window will appear in the bottom right corner. Here is a list (not full) of columns hidden by default:

            Column name
            Short description
            Assigned volume
            Weighted volume assigned to contractors.
            Assigned amount
            Amount in the base currency of all translation assignments created for this job.
            CAT Icon
            When a job is linked with a CAT project (i.e. Trados), its icon will appear in the list, to visualize link and help to faster find jobs linked with CAT projects.
            List of contractors assigned to a job.
            Edit time
            Time spent on a job (in Days:Hours:Minutes format).
            Edit time (minutes)
            Job edit time expressed in minutes.
            Has instructions
            Check-box showing that a job has additional instructions entered in the corresponding field.
            Invoiced amount
            Amount of all invoices issued over a job (in the base currency).
            Difference between job amount and assigned amount (in the base currency).
            Edit time (minutes)
            Date when a job was paid in full. If there were multiple invoices and payments over a job, the system tries to find latest date.
            Estimation of a job progress. It may be detected using several algorithms. If a job is linked with CAT tool project, than progress value will be gathered from that project. Otherwise, if Workload planner feature is turned on, progress will be calculated based on day workload and workday start and end times. Otherwise, simple extrapolation method will be used.
            Uninvoiced amount
            Job amount minus invoiced amount.
            Words per hour
            Average speed based on Edit time value.

            Take a note that the same list of hidden fields is available in the job list in the Dashboard.

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