Job files

            BaccS provides two ways of storing job files: by creating and viewing folders on your hard drive and by attaching files to the job. Usage of these ways depends on your workflow.

            FILES ON DISK

            This mechanism allows to view an actual folder on your hard drive. In the Initial setup article a few parameters were introduced, which allow to specify folder creation rules. Actually the folder can be created from the job form, or you may create it manually using Windows Explorer. Since the job folder name depends on different parameters (project number, date, customer name, project name, etc.), then this name will be changed while you are changing values in different fields. If the determined folder already exists on disk drive, than its contents will be displayed on the Files tab:

            If the folder does not exists, than you can click eye button to create it (along with sub-folders specified in the settings). After folder creation, its contents will be displayed in the list. If you put any files into this folder from Windows explorer, than you can update this view by clicking on the Refresh button.

            To view any file from the file list, just double click on it.

            Also, it is possible to copy and move files to the job’s folder without opening it in Windows explorer. To do this, just drag the file or folder (from desktop or any other location) and drop it on the left area (to copy) or right area (to move). The files will be copied or moved (be sure if the files are not opened in another application to move them) to the currently selected folder and displayed immediately.


            This is another way of storing files. It allows to load and store files right inside BaccS database. Please use this function with care, because it leads to database file size growth. Currently, maximum file size in a local mode is 4 Gb. In network mode, teams which use BaccS database server get 250 Gb of space (which may be expanded according growing requirements). To attach a file, click on the corresponding button:

            After that, specify file type and correct date, if needed. File type is selected from the reference table. To open attached file using default program, click on the Open button (or Ctrl-O on the keyboard while this file is selected):

            In this example, Microsoft Word will be launched to view the file.

            SENDING FILES

            While viewing job list or editing a job in the job detail form, you can quickly create a mail message to send it to a job's project manager with a number of attached files. To create such message, click Write a message to PM button. Take a note that this button won't be available in the job detail form if current job has unsaved changes. When this button is clicked, you will see the following window:
            Sending files to faciliate translation management processes

            This window contains a grouped list of files attached to a job along with their sizes. Select necessary files by holding Ctrl or Shift keys and click OK. Optionally you can check As internal attachment checkbox. It means that selected files will be attached to a message and stored with it in the database. Otherwise, selected files will be attached as links to files on HDD.

            After clicking OK a default message composing form will be opened in a popup window, where you can specify message subject, apply message template, add another recipients, etc. Save a message and click Send to send a message. Then you can close a popup window to return to a job.
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