Invoices from vendors

            All incoming invoices from vendors are stored in a separate table. As with outgoing invoices, you can track due dates, amounts, view unpaid invoices, check VAT amounts of incoming invoices, etc.

            List of incoming invoices from freelance translators

            You can enter new invoices manually, but it's recommended to do it from assignment list. To do this, open assignment list, select necessary assignments (for one vendor), and click Register invoice:

            If you use web-version, vendors can create invoices for delivered assignments using web-portal:

            Invoice editing window looks as following (example for web-version):

            Here you can specify invoice number and payment term, attach invoice file by dragging and dropping it into the browser window, add notes and taxes. When ready, click Save to finish invoice registration. If invoice is created by a vendor, system administrator will receive notification about added invoice. Linked assignments will be marked as invoiced, and vendors won't be able to issue new invoices over them.

            If invoice has been by mistake, only system administrator (manager) will be able to delete it.

            To create a payment over invoice, user with corresponding right has to select it in the list of incoming invoices and click Create a payment. Then fill information about the payment and save it to mark linked invoices and assignments as paid. Additional information about outgoing payments can be found in this article.
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