Invoices from external parties

            Incoming invoices section allows to register invoices coming not only from freelancers, but from external parties. It allows to track payments over such invoices without linking them with any translation assignments. Instead, such invoices can be linked with expenses.
            To create invoice from external supplier, select External value in the Invoice type field. In the result, Contractor field will be disabled, and Party field will be enabled:

            Party name can't be selected from reference data list. Instead, you can directly type supplier name in this field. However, when you create invoice next time, it will be possible to select a party from a list of previously entered parties.

            In the Invoice items table, you can add rows manually or from expenses, if it already exists.

            To mark invoice as paid, click Create a payment button, as it happens with regular invoices from contractors. The only difference is that Contractor field in a payment must be left empty. And invoice will be automatically added to the Payment details table. Click Save and close to save a payment: invoice will be marked as paid (Due value will be zero) and a payment will appear in the Linked payments tab.
            Updated: 29 Jan 2019 11:18 AM
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