To install the application, please visit our web-site ( and download the installation file. When the download completes, launch the file.
            You may see the following prompt from the Windows SmartScreen (it is usually not displayed as on October 2017, since there are many installations around the world and this software became trusted by Windows):

            In this case, please click the More Info link and click Run anyway to run the installer:

            You will see the first welcome screen:

            Carefully read the information, accept it and click Next, to move to the next screen, where you will be able to select the installation folder:

            Select the destination folder. By default, BaccS will be installed into your Documents folder. This allows to keep program installation data, settings and database in one place, which makes the program fully portable (you can move it to another computer, cloud drive or USB drive without need to install it on another computer). If you change installation path to Program Files (x86), the program will be separated from database and settings files, which will be stored in the ProgramData folder by default. Later you will be able to change a folder where to store program settings and database file.
            When ready, click Next, and then Install. When the installation finishes, you will find the BaccS shortcut on your desktop and a group in the Start menu. Instead of BaccS shortcut, you will find Updater shortcut in the Start menu as well.
            Now you can start using the program. If it doesn't run, please check that you have .NET Framework 4.6.2 installed on your machine (the setup will offer to install it, if it missing).

            If the application is installed into the ‘Program files’ folder, and you want to keep database file in the same folder, then the program must be run with administrator rights.

            If your anti-virus program prompts about a virus, please whitelist the program. The proof that BaccS does not contain any viruses can be found here:

            Updated: 19 Mar 2018 11:41 PM
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