Import data from TO3000

            BaccS allows you to import data from Translation Office 3000 software. Currently the system supports data import from two versions of TO3000: 11 (latest release) and 3D. The process is almost automated, but may require few manual steps.

            Before starting with importing, it is recommended to create necessary work types and languages. In TO3000, you have services, which combine work types and a language combination. Because of this, BaccS can't fully correctly link services with internal work types and languages.

            When this is done, find Import TO3000 data item in the Home group of the navigation tree. You will see the following window, which contains just 2 tabs:

            To begin loading data, click Open database file. It will be loaded in a few seconds.

            Pay attention to the switch which specifies how to import job/invoice numbers: per client or globally. This selection depends on a way you use TO3000.

            Check Only import reference data if needed. This allows you to import all data except documents (projects, jobs, invoices, etc.). Actually, this is an easy way to transfer customers (mainly).

            Switch to the Services tab and select corresponding work types and languages for each service. In TO3000 there is no such term as language combination. Because of this, language names are usually specified in the service name. It is impossible to read this information automatically, and because of this it is required to manually select correspondence.

            The import operation is now ready to start. Click the Begin import button on the ribbon and wait a little. You will see information about the import progress. When data is loaded, another operation will be started - transactions creation. You will see the progress in the status bar of the application. During this operation you can continue working and see what is imported. Please, do not close the program until the transactions creation operation is finished. It is needed to correctly reflect the data in the accounting tables. If you have to force close the program before this operation is done, then please click the Recreate transactions button in the Settings upon next run of the program.

            After finishing the importing and transactions creation operations try to compare total amounts by building different reports and viewing lists of jobs/invoices/payments.
            Updated: 26 Oct 2018 04:10 PM
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