[HOWTO] How to create a filter applied by default in tables

            Tables in BaccS provide an extensive filtering functionality. However, sometimes you may have a filter condition used regularly or which must be used by default when you open particular list. For example, you may wish to always filter list of job or invoices by current and previous year. This task can be solved using Model editor.

            1. Run Model editor by selecting Tools on the ribbon, and then Edit model.
            2. Expand Views section. This sections contains a lot of sub-nodes, but nodes of interest are Doc (invoices, jobs, projects, etc.) and Spr (reference data tables).
            3. Expand necessary sub-node and find ListView where you want to add a default filter. For example, it could be Invoice_ListView or TranslationJob_ListView.
            4. Expand a view and find Filters node. Right click on it and select Add.

            5. A new filter will be created. Specify its Name and Caption.
            6. In the Criteria field build your filter condition using a designer. For example:

            7. You can even select desired image in the ImageName field for your filter:

            8. Save changes in the Model editor and close it. Then return to the Invoice list. Your filter will appear in the Filter list on the ribbon:

            When you select a filter on the ribbon, underlying filter condition will be applied before any filter settings which you specify in the table itself.

            Selected filter will be automatically applied when you open a list next time.

            Using this method, you can create a number of filter conditions which you use most often.
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