[HOWTO] How to change base currency

            Although it is highly recommended to select base currency in the beginning and don't change it, sometimes it becomes necessary to change base currency after some period of the software usage.

            To change base currency, follow these steps:
            1. Open Reference data - Currency rates list, and delete all currency rates, as these rates were entered for your current base currency.
            2. Open program Settings and switch to Application settings tab.
            3. In the Base currency field select another currency you wish to use as a base.
            4. Click Save button on the ribbon and close settings.
            5. In the Currency rates list, enter manually or download new rates (if you don't need absolutely exact results, you may download rates for one day of each month).
            Soon there will be a feature to download rates for a specified period of time.
            6. Open program settings again and click Recalculate amounts in base currency button on the ribbon. It will take some time to process all your jobs/invoices/payments to re-detect rates and recalculate amounts in base currency.

            7. Open job list and check that amounts in a base currency were recalculated correctly.
            Updated: 06 May 2018 11:50 PM
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