How to participate in BaccS localization

            BaccS version 2 was localized into several languages (Spanish. German, Polish, Russian, French).
            Initial release of BaccS version 3 supports only one language - English. Soon all languages from version 2 will be added. First language will be Russian, then others will be added.
            However, BaccS provides means to manually localize the software into any desired language. If you like to add new localization language and make corrections in the existing localization, please do the following.

            Author will be grateful for any help with localization. If you attempted to translate program strings, please send the results to

            1. Launch the program, select Tools tab on the ribbon and click Edit model.

            2. In the Model editor, find Languages field. Expand it and select desired language or click Languages manager, if desired language is missing.

            2a. If desired language is missing, add it via Languages manager. Click Add and select a language.

            3. After selecting target language, click Localization button. Localization window will be opened:

            4. Filter Is Calculated column (false, or unchecked) and Is Translated column (false, or unchecked) to display only those rows which need localization.

            5. (optionally) Click Translate button to automatically translate strings using Microsoft Translator.

            6a. You can manually translate necessary strings in this window, or

            6b. Select all displayed rows, click Save button and select Selected rows. Exported csv file can be easily opened with any CAT tool. After localization, click Import button to import translated results.

            7. If you need current translation memories for existing localization languages, please write to

            8. (optionally, but recommended) Please send translated csv file to

            Updated: 19 Mar 2018 09:27 PM
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