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            How to include currency rate and amounts in base currency in invoice templates

            Some legislation may require to show amounts in your invoice expressed in your native currency. Since each invoice has Currency, User.CurrencyCurrency rate and Amount (base currency) fields, it is easy to display total amounts in your base currency. Just drag this fields into report footer (somewhere near final amount), and you are done. But how to display amounts in a base currency for individual invoice rows? This article describes this in detail.

            Open your template and determine source table for printing your invoice rows. In previous versions of BaccS, Invoice details table was used. But now the main table to print invoice rows is Rows to print. This table allows to simplify invoice template structure and makes workflow more logical. To determine which of these tables is used, find a detail band which contains invoice rows and check what is written after its name:

            This template uses Rows to print table. Now, when a table is determined, we will add a new calculated field to this table. In the Field list, right click on the Rows to print item and select Add calculated field. Set the following parameters for this calculated field:

            Data member - Rows to print
            Data source - Invoice (or according name of your data source)
            Expression: Round([Amount]*[Invoice].[Currency rate], 2)
            Name - AmountBase

            Take a note that value is rounded to 2 decimals here. Please set rounding according your preferences.

            Now you have a new calculated field which may be used in the detail band. For example, add a new column to the invoice table header:

            This label is bound to User.Base Currency.Name field. As a prefix, the work Amount is used.
            In the detail band, drag and drop previously created calculated field:

            If you wish to include currency symbol, clear this label binding and use mail merge feature, by writing (or drag/dropping) something like this:
            [User.Base currency.Symbol] [AmountBase!n2]

            To use drag and drop functionality, double click on this label, clear text and drop both fields one after another from Field list.

            Done! Now you have amounts expressed in base currency for each invoice row.

            To display full amount, drag and drop Amount (base cur) field to the Total amount sub-band, or to any place below detail report.
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