How to display job tasks nearby assignment tasks

            By default, translation assignment editing form contains a list of assignment tasks where you can add new rows and select base job tasks which are assigned to a currently selected contractor. Base job task drop down list shows assigned and unassigned quantities per each task:

            However, when you make selection, you can't see which tasks from base job can still be added to a current assignment until you open drop-down list again. As a result, you may wish to constantly see this list, which will help to make a decision about adding another task to a current contractor. To display such table, do the following:
            1. Enter form layout customization mode (right click on empty space - Customize layout);
            2. In the list of hidden items, click Add...;
            3. Select Job - Job tasks and click OK.
            4. Drag new item to a form, for example on the right of assignment tasks:

            5. Change size of a new table per your needs.
            6. Exit customization mode, hide unwanted columns from a newly created table, and then use Column chooser to display columns which are hidden by default (for example, Qty assigned and Qty unassigned):

            7. Make some change in the Assignment tasks table to see that this change is reflected in the Base job tasks table (maybe it will be needed to move focus to a table to get it refreshed):

            Updated: 27 Oct 2018 06:41 PM
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