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            Global book

            Global book can be opened from navigation tree by selecting Workspace > All documents. It looks like this:

            Global book allows to view ALL documents registered in the system in a single list. Documents include: translation projects, translation jobs, translation assignments, incoming and outgoing invoices, incoming and outgoing payments, other income, other expenses, credit notes, quotes. This list displays common data of documents, like date, number, term (only for jobs/projects/assignments/invoices), amounts, currency, party (customer or contractor), average volume (only for jobs/projects/assignments), responsible person.
            In addition, there is Document type column which specifies linked document. On the screenshot above, the list is grouped by document type. However, initially this grouping is turned off, and document type is displayed in a separate column.
            To group by document type, right click on the table header and select Show group by box. Then drag the column to the group area.
            To open underlying document in a new tab, simply double click on any row.

            One of main advantages of this table is possibility to use it in QuickReports and custom reports. Simply select Global book as data source in your report, and process data according your tasks. In a report, you have access to data of underlying documents by using corresponding reference properties (Translation job for translation jobs, Quote for quotes, etc.).
            Such table allows to solve calculation tasks whose results are based on data from different tables. Since you have all documents in one table, you can easily calculate values based on value of Document type column.
            For example, calculation task of following type can be easily solved: calculate total amount of jobs and translation assignments per certain period and then get final result by deducting second value from the first one.

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