GDPR compliance

            To provide compliance with GDPR requirements, the following measure are taken:

            • Data privacy policy has been applied, which determines all cases of processing of your personal data. This policy can be viewed here. In a few words, BaccS never uses and exposes your personal data without your consent. We never send any e-mails (marketing or other), and never pass this information to any bodies. The only data we get from you is your name and e-mail, which is required to generate license code.
            • Audit trail feature has been implemented to allow you to track any changes in the Customers and Contractors tables.
            • Batch change feature in the list of customer has been implemented, which allows to immediately erase all sensitive information about your customers (addresses, contacts, etc.).
            • Web-portal for vendors has been created, which allows your users to edit their own information.
            • Web-version always uses SSL certificates.

            Updated: 21 May 2018 09:28 AM
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