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            Fuzzy types

            Default look of the Fuzzy types list:

            This list is pre-filled with default fuzzy types used my famous CAT tools. You can create your own fuzzy types. Then, they can be used to specify default rates and to import analysis reports from Trados or MemoQ into new jobs.

            Except name, fuzzy types contain SortBand type, Band minimum and Band maximum fields. Sort field allows to specify sorting order when performing operations of automatic filling of fuzzy tables. For example, this happens during importing analysis data from CAT tools. Band fields describe fuzzy type in terms of industry-accepted match types. For Band type field, you can select one of the following values: New, Repetitions, Cross-file repetitions, In-context match, Exact match, Perfect match, New/AT, Fuzzy and Fuzzy internal. For the last two types it is needed to specify band minimum and maximum. Later, when importing analysis reports from CAT tools, these values will help to pick-up correct fuzzy type and determine correct price.

            Analysis reports generated by translation software usually contain similar information (like band minimum and maximum for fuzzies). The system will compare values contained in such reports with values provided in this table and will be able to find correct fuzzy type.

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