Forms customization

            In most cases you add/edit data in BaccS using data entry forms. Examples are customer, job, invoice editing forms. Each object type has own editing form, which has some predefined layout. For example, here is default look of the job editing form:

            Each editing form in BaccS supports customization. To enter customization mode, right click on empty space on the form and select Customize layout. You will be switched into customization mode:

            Form elements will be grayed, with borders painted around them, and Customization window will be opened. In the editing mode, you can freely move any element you see on the form. During dragging, guiding lines and rectangles will be painted to show where dropped element will be placed. Few examples:

            Delivery method field will be placed right on the left of the Deadline field:

            Delivery method field will be placed in the new row below Number field (for example, your screen is small and you want to split default row containing 7 fields into 2 rows):

            Delivery method field will be placed right below the Date field:

            To hide any field from the form, drag it to the Customization window (cross icon will appear during dragging). If it will be needed to display hidden field later, you will find it in the same Customization window, in the Hidden items tab.

            The whole structure of the current form can be found in the Layout tree view of the Customization window. Here you can do the following actions:

            1. Rename fields. Right click on any field and select Rename.

            2. Make new groups of fields. Select few fields, right click and select Group or Create tabbed group.

            3. Ungroup existing groups by selecting a group, right clicking on it and selecting Ungroup.

            Important. Sometimes BaccS developer changes default layout of different forms. If you use customized forms, you won't see those changes. Please, carefully read changelog, and if you see information about new fields in particular form, then you will be able to see those new fields only after manually dragging them into your form from the Hidden items section of the Customization window. Another way to get latest changes is to reset customizations. To do this. right click on empty space on the form and select Reset layout.

            Updated: 21 Mar 2018 01:55 PM
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