Filtering in the job list

            Except creation and editing capabilities, projects list contains some additional useful features. First of all, the list allows to sort and filter records. Please note marked button on the screenshot below:

            All columns contain such button, which allows to filter records in many ways. For example, date column could be filtered to display rows created today, yesterday, last week, last year, next week, etc. PM column can be filtered by particular project manager. Status field can be filtered by to show only processing and sent projects. You can discover many ways of filtering by yourself just clicking these buttons.

            When a filter applied, a filter icon doesn’t disappear, which is a signal that some filter is applied to that column. Also, when any filter is applied to list, you will see the following row at the bottom of the list:

            It contains description of the currently applied filter, a checkbox to temporary turn it off, a button to edit filter conditions in a separate window and a button to delete current filter.

            When Edit button is clicked, you will see the following window:

            In this window you can create filters of any difficulty with any number of conditions.
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