BaccS allows to add any detail view (object editing form) to favorites to be able to quickly return to particular entry at any time later. Each entry in the Favorites table may have a comment and a category assigned. Comment allows to provide some reminder or text explaining why this favorite was created.

            Favorites button is available on any screen from the main menu:

            And the same in web version:

            If any category has been assigned to a favorite, it will be displayed in a nested folder (as on screenshot).
            If a favorite has a comment, this comment will be displayed in the list of favorites after its name. Because of this, try to avoid using long comments.

            To any any object to the favorites list, click Favorites - Add current view to favorites... button. If you're viewing list (table) view, you will get a message about impossibility to create a favorite. Otherwise, dialog window will appear:

            Enter/correct necessary data and click OK. New favorite will be created and added to the menu. To delete/edit favorites, click Favorites - Manage favorites button. List of favorites will appear. For here, you can delete necessary favorites or edit them (for example, edit comment or category).
            Updated: 28 Aug 2018 01:42 PM
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