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            Custom reports

            Custom reports feature allows to create own reports using data contained in the database. The process of creation of a custom report is similar to editing of the invoice template, but instead of invoices table you can use any other table from the application database as a data source.

            Custom reports can be found in the same table where invoice/quote/purchase orders/cv templates are located. Select Reports section in the navigation tree and then select Reports item. This list is grouped by report type. To view custom reports, simply expand Custom report category. Predefined reports are highlighted with blue color - such reports can't be modified, but they can be cloned to serve as a base for your custom reports.
            List of customized reports created in report designer

            To build a report, double click on it. To edit report design, select it an click Edit in the Designer. If you wish to edit one of predefined reports, you will need to clone them first, and then edit cloned copy.

            You can check report category by selecting necessary reports and clicking Set category button.

            Built-in reports

            Customers - list of contacts

            Allows to display main information (logo, name, address, phone) about customers and their contacts (photo, name, e-mail, skype, etc.)

            Before creating a report, provide a value for the Customer parameter. Select any customers in the list or click Select All to build a report for all customers.

            Customers - List of jobs

            Allows to view all jobs for a specified customer (or all customers) in a specified period of time. Displays date of job creation and delivery, PO number, services, amounts, language pair, invoicing status.

            Optionally, you can filter list of jobs by job's status.

            Contractors - List of jobs with ratings

            Allows to list translation assignments for all or selected contractor for specified period. Displays all assignments, amounts, ratings, average ratings for period, due amounts both in assignment and base currencies.
            Viewing translation assignments for all translators, including ratings

            Examples of another reports you may create using this feature: price lists, lists of jobs or invoice to create own backup system, different charts, cross-tab reports to interpret complex data, such as summary statistics, etc. Possibilities are really wide, and only limited by the data present in the system.

            Invoices - Tax report

            This report allows to view invoices and included taxes in a specified period for all or one selected customer. In the parameters panel you can check Only invoices with taxes box to display only invoices where Tax 1 or Tax 2 is specified.

            Invoices - Unpaid invoices

            List of unpaid invoices for all or particular customer, which contains only main information from invoices: number, date, customer, amount, currency, amount paid and amount due. Useful for exporting and sending to your customers.

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