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            On some stage of program usage, you may find that it is needed to add additional information to some entity, but corresponding field to enter this information is missing. Of course, you can write to the developer and ask to include required field in the next update, but there is another option - create this field manually.

            In BaccS, you can create own custom fields, place them on any place in object editing forms, display in tables, include in reports, invoices, etc. This operation can be done pretty easily, but requires some attention.

            To open Custom fields editor, please go to Settings and click Edit custom fields button on the ribbon. You will see the following window:

            To add a new custom field, do the following:

            1. Click on the New button.
            2. Select entity type to add new field to, type field name (without spaces, it will be added to the database structure), provide field caption (as it will be displayed in the UI), select value type (string, date, boolean, integer, decimal) and provide max length if selected field type is string.
            3. For string fields, provide max length and optional list of predefined values (comma-separated, like Value1, Value2, Value3, etc.). Then, you will be able to select from these values in your data entry forms.
            4. Click OK to confirm field creation.
            5. Save program settings and restart the program to apply changes.

            When you open list of the changed entity, you will see that corresponding column is already added. In the example above, you can see that we've created CVLastUpdate field for the contractor entity. Here is the list after restarting the program:

            New field is created! If to open contractor editing form, this field will be missing there, but it can be added in a few clicks:

            1. Right click on empty space of the contractor editing form
            2. Select Customize layout
            3. Find a field we've just created and drag it onto the form
            4. Close customization window and type something on the added field:

            5. Save changes to see that information from the new field was correctly saved:

            Updated: 04 Jun 2018 04:32 PM
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