Creating users

            If you already created a contractor in BaccS and wish to create a user on Memsource to allow this user to login and do work for you, please follow these steps:

            1. Open list of contractors (Reference data - Contractors), and open desired contractor.
            2. In the contractor editing form click Memsource and select Create a user in Memsource
            Working with Memsource translators

            3. User creation form will be opened. Fill-in necessary details, select languages, domains, clients, enter user name and password:
            Working with Memsource translators

            4. When ready, click OK and a user will be created and linked with BaccS. You will see confirmation window:
            Freelance translators Memsource management

            5. Click Yes to make this user active and allow him/her to login.
            6. To send login details to a newly created user, click Memsource button on the ribbon and select Send login details to user. A user will get an e-mail message with login and password.
            Freelance translators Memsource management
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