Creating jobs

            BaccS allows to automatically create jobs in Memsource. When you prepared a job in BaccS and selected a folder with job files (or attached translation file to a job), please follow these steps to upload a file and create job in Memsource:

            1. Click Memsource button on the ribbon and select Create a job in Memsource:
            Integration with Memsource translation management software

            2. A new window opens with job creation parameters. Please check due date, target language.

            Tick Create and import analysis to import analysis results after job creation.

            Select a vendor if you wish to assign this job to a known vendor. After that, you can tick Notify assigned linguist and select an e-mail template used to notify a vendor.
            Integration with Memsource translation management software

            3. When ready, click OK. Another popup window opens with a list of files attached to a job. Select a file to translate and click OK.
            4. The system will start creating job and, optionally, generate analysis file and send notification message to a vendor.
            5. If you ticked Create and import analysis checkbox, default analysis window will opened as per Importing analysis reports article.
            6. If you selected a contractor, a new translation assignment will be created with pre-selected contractor, job tasks, contractor's prices, auto-generated PO number, etc. Check all fields and save a new Assignment.
            7. Done! From now, you can track job progress from the job list! To see updated information, hit F5 and click Refresh button on the ribbon.
            Integration with Memsource translation management software
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