Connect BaccS with database server

            After SQL Server or PostgreSQL instance is installed or prepared in the cloud, you can start configuring BaccS to connect with it. Again, the process is pretty simple and includes just a few steps. Before we start, please check that you have the following details:
            • BaccS license code for network version
            • Database server network instance path (for SQL Server, it will have a form of [ServerAddress]\[SQLInstance], where default SQL Server instance name is SQLEXPRESS; for PostgreSQL, it will be ip-address of server or localhost, if server is installed on the same computer where you're installing BaccS)
            • Database server user name (default administrator user is sa for SQL Server and postgres for PostgreSQL)
            • Database server user password (specified during installation)
            Run BaccS. It will start in local mode, and local database will be created. If you previously worked with the program and already have some data, it will be possible to transfer it later.
            Open program Settings and switch to the Database settings tab:

            Check Turn on network mode checkbox, then select desired database engine and fill-in provided fields with the data you previously prepared.

            To check if provided details are correct, click Check connection button (visible only if SQL Server database engine is used). If everything is ok, you will see corresponding message. If you provided wrong details, especially if server instance name is not correct, then you may experience a small delay before message appears to inform about incorrect details.

            When done, click Save changes and restart the program to apply new database settings.

            After successful start you will get a new empty database available for access from the network. Now you can import data from the local database or simply start working with an empty database.

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