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            QuickReport items - Choropleth map

            Allows you to colorize required areas in proportion to the provided values.

            BaccS ships with a set of default maps showing various parts of the world. The following maps are included.
            • World Countries - a world map.
            • Europe - a map of Europe.
            • Asia - a map of Asia.
            • North America - a map of North America.
            • South America - a map of South America.
            • Africa - a map of Africa.
            • USA - a map of the USA.
            • Canada - a map of Canada.
            To select the required default map, use the Default Map button in the ribbon Design tab.

            After you select the default map or a custom map, you can view supplemental information (such as the name of the country, state, etc.). To do this, click the Options button next to the Attribute data item.

            For example, Customer has a field named Country. This field can be bound to a name of the country in this Dashboard map item.

            The Choropleth Map dashboard item colors map shapes depending on the provided values. If you need to customize these settings, click the Options button next to the data item that contains these values. This invokes the Choropleth Map Options dialog.

            You can specify the following settings in this window.
            • Color palette - allows you to specify the start and end color of the palette.
            • Scale settings - specifies whether a percent scale or an absolute scale is used to define a set of colors. You can specify the number of levels that represent the number of colors used to color the map.
            • Preview is used to display a full set of palette colors generated based on the start/end colors and the number of levels. Use the Allow Edit check box to automatically change the generated colors or specify value ranges for each color.

            Also, the Choropleth Map allows you to visualize the difference between the actual and target values of a particular parameter. To specify delta indication settings, click the Options button next to the data item container. This invokes the Choropleth Map Options dialog. When the map type is set to Delta, this dialog contains the following settings.

            Value type
            You can specify which values to display within map tooltips. Use the Value type combo box to select the value that will be displayed as the delta value.

            Result Indication
            You can specify the condition that will be used to select the indicator color. To do this, use the Result indication combo box.

            Threshold type and Threshold value
            You can specify that a required indicator should only be displayed when the difference between the actual and target values exceeds a specified value. For instance, the actual value exceeds the target value by 10%, or by $2K. Use the Threshold type combo box to select whether you wish to specify the threshold in percentage values or in absolute values. Then use the Threshold value box to specify the threshold value.
            Updated: 25 Mar 2018 02:55 PM
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