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            QuickReport items - Chart

            Chart displays data graphically using bars, lines, points, etc. To bind the Chart dashboard item to data, drag and drop a data source field to a placeholder contained in one of the available data sections.

            Transposing arguments and series

            The Chart dashboard item provides the capability to transpose chart arguments and series. In this case, data items contained in the Arguments section are moved to the Series section, and vice versa. To transpose the selected Chart dashboard item, use the Transpose button in the Home ribbon tab.


            The Chart dashboard item supports different types of series - from simple bar and line charts to candle stick and bubble graphs. To switch between series types in the Dashboard Designer, click the Options button next to the required data item (or placeholder) in the Values section.

            In the invoked Series Options dialog, select the required series type and click OK.

            You can also do this using the Series Type gallery in the Design Ribbon tab.

            To manage common series options, use the Common Options tab of the Series Options dialog.


            The Chart dashboard item can contain any number of panes. Panes are visual areas within a diagram that display chart series.

            Each pane has its own Y-axis and displays a specific set of series. All panes in a chart share the same X-axis.

            To add a pane, click the Add Pane button at the top right of the DATA ITEMS pane.


            The Chart dashboard item supports drill-down on argument or series values.

            When drill-down on arguments is enabled, an end-user can click a series point to view a detail chart for the corresponding argument value. Drill-down on arguments requires that the Arguments section contains several data items, from the least detailed to the most detailed item.

            Switch to Data tab on the ribbon and click Drill-down button. From now, you will be able to click on chart points to get detailed information for quarters, and then for months.
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