This feature allows you to set availability in your profile right from within BaccS. To access it, use corresponding item in the section of the navigation tree:

            When clicked, you will see the following window:

            It slightly differs from what you see on website, but functionality is the same. At the top you select a month to set up availability. As soon as default calendar is used to display days, you will see not only days from the selected month, but a number of days from previous and next months - these days are painted in dark gray to show that they will be ignored while working with the current month.

            Select one day or interval and click one of buttons below the calendar (Not set, Busy, Mostly busy, Partially free, Mostly free or Free).

            Please take a note that this calendar allows to select only continuous intervals, so it is not possible to select only work days and exclude weekends from the selection. To overcome this limitation, there are three radio buttons above set availability buttons: All days, Exclude weekends and Only weekends. When All days is selected, then availability will be applied to all days from the selected interval. But if to select Exclude weekends, then availability will be set only to work days. The same applies to the Only weekends option.

            Task: set Free availability for work days and Partially free – for weekends.
            Solution: using mouse, select all month, from the first day to the last one. Select Exclude weekends option and click Free button. After that, select Only weekends option and click Partially free button. Done :)

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