Automated assignments

            BaccS allows to automatically send jobs to vendors when specified master assignments are delivered. This allows to automatically move assignments from translators to proofreaders, then from proofreaders to reviewers, etc. Automation allows to send messages using specified template to vendors with specified attached files. Managers always get notifications about automatic action performed by the software.

            Setup automation rules

            Start with creating necessary automation rules using Reference data - Automation rules table. Create a new rule and specify the following data:
            Automated assignments

            Default rule behavior. Allows to select automatically send messages (manager gets notification about sent messages and assignments switched to In work status), or manually (manager gets notifications about assignments which can be started after delivered master assignments).

            Message template and Message subject. These fields specify which e-mail template will be used to generate message when Send messages automatically is selected in the Default rule behavior field. Message subject can be left empty - in this case the system will use a subject specified in a selected template.

            E-mail account. Account used to send messages.

            File types. In this table you can specify file types which will be automatically attached to generated e-mail messages. In the File type column select file type, and in the File source column you can select a source of attaching files: Target assignment, Base assignment or Both. Target assignment means that the system will attach files from master assignments of an assignment which is going to be started. Base assignment means that files will be attached from an assignment which is going to be started.
            Example. Translator delivers files, which automatically get Translated file type. To send these files to proofreader, you have to select Base assignment value. To attach generated PO file to a message, you have to select Purchase order as file type and Target assignment as file source.
            When automation rules are created, you can start using them in assignments.

            Apply automation rules

            To apply automation rule, open an assignment, switch to Automation tab, select automation rule, and add master assignments by clicking Add button. Save an assignment. From now, when all master assignments will be delivered (status changes to Delivered), and if automation rule allows to automatically generate and send messages, the system will automatically set status of target assignment to In work, generate an e-mail message, attach specified files and send it to a vendor (with optional copy of the application owner). Also, the system will generate notification for managers (for all users with Receive notifications checkbox).
            Otherwise (if manual sending is selected in an automation rule), only notifications about possibility to start an assignment will be generated, which is also useful feature, as it allows manager not to forget about moving a project to a next phase.

            Project management automation
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