Audit trail

            Currently, audit trail in BaccS is turned on only for 2 types of data: Customers and Vendors.

            When any user make any change in these types of data, audit trail system logs these changes and saves for future viewing. This allows to track how data of particular customer or contractor was changed, which user made that changes and which fields were affected. Old values and new values of each field are stored, so you can view full history of data change.

            To view audit trail log, open any customer or contractor and switch to the Audit trail tab:

            Here you can view list of all operations made with this entity. To view detailed information about data change, double click on any row:

            As you see, in this operation Admin user changed default price on 17-apr-2018 by setting it to 0.09 USD for Translation work type.

            This mechanism is especially useful when BaccS is used in network mode with many users. In particular, when external vendor has access to web-portal and changes own data, administrator may open audit trail, filter a list by user assigned to that vendor, and view what changes were made.
            Updated: 23 Apr 2018 11:55 AM
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