Application update

            The application has an auto update mechanism. It checks for a new version on launch, and if the new version exists, you'll see the corresponding notification:

            Click on this icon to launch Updater tool. It will check your current version and perform necessary actions to update the program to the latest version. Before update starts, it will show full list of changes since installed version until the version being downloaded:

            Click the Update button and wait until the process finishes. If you keep your program up to date, then update process will go quickly, because patches usually take no more than 1 Mb.

            Important! When you use both desktop and web versions, upon releasing of a new update your version of web-application will be immediately updated. This means that desktop version will stop working until you update it as well. This happens because database version is increased with each release, and application may work only when application version and database version are identical.

            Updated: 05 May 2018 12:38 AM
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